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Skydive licence in Australia explained

Learn to skydive with the AFF course

Learn to skydive with 1300SKYDIVE and get your skydiving licence to jump solo. Regulated under the Australian Parachute Federation, the first step to become a skydiver is to complete the AFF course. We have been training skydivers for over 30 years and our skydiving instructors in the AFF courses are some of the most experienced in Australia.

We currently don’t offer the AFF Course on the Sunshine Coast, but you can learn to skydive at any of our other locations:

First step to become a skydiver

How does the AFF course work?

The AFF skydiving course consists of one full day of theory on the ground and 9 jumps or AFF stages. Once you complete AFF Stage 1 you can do AFF stages 2 to 9 at your own pace, with no upfront payment for the whole course required.

skydiving ground lessons

1. Skydiving ground course

It starts with a full day of ground training. Students learn the basics around skydiving gear, freefall, deploying and steering a parachute, as well as performing emergency procedures. We cover everything you need to know to safely complete AFF stage 1.

At 1300SKYDIVE we also have interactive online training to get you ready for the practical ground course. It is a great first step to become familiar with the different aspects and terminology of the AFF course. That way you won’t find the ground theory as overwhelming, especially if you have never experienced freefall with Tandem Skydiving before.

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2. AFF Skydives 1 to 9

On a second day, 2 highly experienced instructors will run through the drills and brief you again to do AFF stage 1. They will keep you stable in freefall but you will have your own gear and fly your own parachute. If you don’t feel very confident you can opt to do a tandem for your very first jump, performing some of the drills, which will count as AFF 1.

After your first jump there are another 8 levels, AFF stage 2 to 9. At each stage you will learn new tricks and skills to improve your control in freefall, doing turns, moving away and towards your skydiving instructors…Stage 9 is the final AFF skydive, when you do your first jump completely by yourself with no instructor assistance.

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3. Skydive 'A' Licence

Once you complete the AFF course you are still considered a student, but will no longer need instructor assistance in freefall. You can do solo skydives and start your B-Rel table. This consists of a number of skydives designed to teach you how to safely jump with other skydivers, in groups of 2, 3, and 4 people.

To obtain your first skydive licence you will need to complete the A Licence course. This is a half a day program with a questionnaire at the end, to demonstrate all the theory and skills learned over your full training. Once completed you will earn your very first skydive licence in Australia, leaving the “student” status and officially becoming a skydiver. Time to celebrate!


AFF Stages

AFF Stages 1 to 9 Explained

With every AFF skydive you will learn new skills to improve your awareness and control in freefall: turning, moving backwards and forwards, changing your fall rate… The last level is AFF Stage 9, a low altitude skydive or “hop and pop” by yourself, without the supervision of your skydiving instructors in freefall or under the parachute.

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Get your skydiving licence in Australia

Why choose 1300SKYDIVE to get your skydive licence

We have trained thousands of skydivers over the last few decades, building world class safety standards and extensive know-how.

Experienced instructors

We are the most experienced skydiving company in Australia. All our instructors are qualified under the Australian Parachute Federation, with thousands of jumps each.

Student-friendly dropzones

All our dropzones have student facilities for training and large landing areas to make your learning experience as safe as possible.

Multiple skydiving disciplines

Once you complete your AFF skydiving course you will be able to get coaching across multiple disciplines and flying styles.

Sydney, Airlie Beach and Cairns

You can start, continue and finish your skydiving qualifications across any of our current dropzones in Australia.

Great skydiving community

Learning to skydive can be intimidating. All our instructors are friendly and supportive, and you will find a great community of fun jumpers to skydive with.

Flexible payment

You can complete all AFF stages of the course at your own pace.There is no commitment to pay for the full course upfront.

Skydive licence cost and other questions

Frequent questions about the AFF course in Australia

If you have any other questions or you are unsure whether the AFF course is for you call 1300 759 348 for an individual assessment with no commitment.

Is there a minimum age to learn to skydive in Australia?

16 years old is the legal minimum age to learn to skydive in Australia. At 1300SKYDIVE dropzones we normally require students to be 18 years of age. If an under 18 student is serious about doing the AFF skydiving course we are always happy to discuss it with parents or guardians.

Skydive licence cost in Australia

Visit our AFF course websites in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Airlie Beach, or Cairns to learn more about skydive licence costs or call us on 1300 759 348

Is learning to skydive dangerous?

At 1300SKYDIVE we make learning to skydive as safe as possible. Our instructors are some of the most experienced in Australia, certified with the Australian Parachute Federation and with thousands of skydives each.

During the AFF course you will learn the required theory and skills to perform all stages. All students are evaluated on the ground prior to every skydive. Our instructors will evaluate your ability to follow directions and perform the drills on the ground to make sure your learning experience in freefall is as safe as possible.

How long does it take to get your skydive licence?

You can complete the AFF course in as little as just a few days. You can also choose to complete at your own pace, leaving up to 2 weeks between skydives. This makes sure you remain current with your training.

What gear do I need to get my skydive licence?

At 1300SKYDIVE we will provide you with all the equipment and training materials needed during your AFF Skydiving course. Once you complete your training and get your licence there is gear available for hire, until you decide to buy your own rig and canopies. Our instructors will help and guide you during your transition from student to fun jumper.

Got more questions?

Our instructors evaluate enrolments on a case by case basis. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your individual situation before you book your skydiving course.